Call for Papers

Author Guidelines


  • Prospective authors/ presenters  are invited to register as authors  ahead of submission of their abstract on the EPHA  conference web site.
  • Abstracts should be submitted on line with the above website for a poster or oral presentation.
  • Abstracts could  be  on  a) Reports  of    scientific study  and /or b) on  Program performance
  • Abstracts on scientific research findings  should   include a statement of objectives, brief description of the study design including data collection method(s); analysis, summary of the results , conclusions and recommendations
  • Abstracts on program performance, community level services, best experiences  reports etc. should contain  evidence based concise statements of:
  1. A summary of the issue(s) addressed by the abstract
  2. Description of the intervention, project, experience, service etc
  3. Lessons learned: conclusions and implications of the intervention or project.
  4. possible next steps for implementation, or recommendations.
  5. In either case word count shouldn’t be more than 500 words
  • Abstracts must be in English, single-spaced and Arial 12.
  • Tables, figures, literature references, and acknowledgments should not form any part of the abstract’s content.
  • The number of authors per abstract is unlimited. However, only one author can be listed as the presenting author.
  • Begin the title of your submission in capital letters followed by name(s) and address (es) of author(s).Underline the name of the person presenting or replacement if presenter is not available.
  • Present the text of the abstract on a separate page with its title.
  • All acronyms must be defined.
  • A completed author identification form must accompany abstract.
  • Investigators should write their addresses and co-authors clearly on Author Identification Form.
  • Abstracts presented at previous EPHA conference or similar conference should not be submitted.
  • Submission of abstracts after deadline will not be accepted for review
  • All received  abstracts will be reviewed independently by three  subject experts & evaluated according to the Scientific Review Format
  • The review process is facilitated by EPHA secretariat and the Scientific Committee ( SC) .
  • All received draft abstracts will be centrally registered (IT Team); assigned code number and clustered into any of the given  subject thematic area
  • Authors are advised to register  their paper online   under one of the conference thematic areas that accommodates the subject area and title of their abstract.
  • Eligibility :From among the selected abstracts of EPHA members, only those that are authored by EPHA Active members will be eligible.
  • Authors will be notified whether their abstracts  are accepted or declined
  • Accepted abstract will appear in its full form in the abstract book, and/or on the abstract CD-ROM and on the conference EPHA website.

Submissions for this conference were closed on 2021-01-27.